Instatac MALPR

Designed to meet the needs of the most discerning law enforcement agency. Instant Tactical Solution’s mobile cameras are optimized to capture license plates in harsh conditions such as a high speed chase, night and bright light in nearly any weather conditions. Our cameras are supplied kits that can be rapidly deployed over a number of applications and usage. Alongside our plate detection technology, our camera can capture real-time video of the scene to be represented in the court of law, should the situation arise. Our innovative solution can check hundreds of license plate against our Blackbox for stolen vehicles, vehicles with violations and outstanding/delinquent tickets, unauthorized vehicles, and vehicles on the look-out or of the interest by the law enforcement and government agencies, while an officer simply patrols in his or her vehicle. No need for manual entry of license plates. Officer can just focus on his duty of patrolling the streets for general public safety. MALPR is high volume, high performance and ultra-compact form factor for true mobility.