Introducing Instatac

Instant Tactical Solutions (Instatac) specializes in providing comprehensive mobile software as a service (SaaS) solutions for several verticals. Our suite of over 120 configurable modules fully automates field operations for Law Enforcement & Security professionals along with retail and healthcare industries. The suite also provides a view with hierarchical access for supervisors and watch commanders to manage and monitor all of its underlying assets. Specialized modules and functionality have been built to address the distinct requirements of each industry, enabling the suite to be used as an equipment or software. Additionally Instatac’s SaaS is device agnostic, in other words, our award winning software will maintain great usability standards on iOS (Apple), Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry OS platforms.

While the breadth of our software makes it a true end-to-end field operational & management software, its in-built workflow engine allows for unprecedented operational flexibility. The system can wrap itself around the unique decision-making processes, including configuration of automated workflows. This enables tight control over security and facilitates the continuous fine-tuning of each activity, based on metrics-driven feedback, increasing efficiency and productivity. We take pride offering actionable intelligence via our anytime access mobile solutions, to our clients!.